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The Quest to Optimize

by Aaron Silber
Managing Director – NY Region

As part of our never ending quest to optimize systems, one of the key things we analyze is anyway to squeeze out every ounce of performance we can. We all know the drill, painfully sifting through articles to find registry entries to tweak, files to be modified and Scheduled Tasks to be disabled. Microsoft, in their desire to have every operating system be a Swiss army knife to all, takes a middle of the road, best in all situations approach and tries to balance performance, power savings and yes even functionality for their out of the box experience.

At Helient we have many collective man years of knowledge on how to turn a well performing operating system into a “racecar on rails”, that is, a super-optimized and extremely stable, purpose built system. Our knowledge comes from years of time tested approaches which leads to Best Practices that our clients become the beneficiaries of. Every once in a while, best practices that we have naturally been following for years are validated by Microsoft and made available to the public. One such practice, tweaking Services, including disabling many of them is now a best practice and guidance from Microsoft is now available in the form of a handy Excel spreadsheet! This sheet comes from an article on Microsoft website, located here: Click Here. Speaking of best practices, as with any modification, make sure that you take precautions and backup your system before implementing any suggestions, disabling the wrong setting has been known to render a system inoperable.

Please review the spreadsheet to see which services can safely be disabled, yes, it’s true, you do not need the XBOX service running on your Domain Controller!

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