Helient Announces Special COVID-19 Preventative Measures

by Steve Hatch
Chief Executive Officer

A Special Message from Helient Systems

Announced: Thursday, March 12, 2020

Helient Systems (Helient) is announcing that as of the End of Business today, March 12, 2020, it is instructing all employees to work from home and is temporarily closing all its offices in response to the COVID-19 national health emergency. Normal operations will continue while we do our part helping to keep our employees and clients safe.

We are taking this action as a preventative measure. There has been no report of any COVID-19 related illness by any employee. There is nothing that tethers the company’s operations to any physical location. Helient employees are able to securely access our company’s network, communications and managed service control planes remotely. Since our inception, Helient has provided a stipend to cover in-home broadband access for all employees as part of the Helient Incident Response Plan.

Simultaneously, Helient is experiencing peak service demands as many of our clients urgently request our assistance to rapidly deploy technologies to bolster their own preparedness as they themselves transition to work from home locations.

We have come to the realization that the greatest threat to our team and our ability to render much-needed client support would be an outbreak spreading internally among our own employees. Further, transitioning all team members to work from home locations eliminates possible exposure during their routine commute. For these reasons, the most intelligent response is one where we separate and distribute our workforce.

Please be rest assured that our company is operating at full strength and our teams are able to collaborate via cloud-based video-enabled communications and SaaS platforms already employed by 100% of our workforce. We are confident in our ability to make this transition with no impact to productivity and customer service. We stand fully ready to assist our clients as they themselves deal with the COVID-19 emergency.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance do not hesitate to contact our professionals at service@helient.com.

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