Microsoft to Retire All 1.X Versions of Azure AD Connect

Jared Hamilton - Senior Solutions Architectby Jared Hamilton
Managing Director, Systems Engineering

Microsoft has announced that on August 31st of 2022 they will retire versions 1.X of their Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) Connect Application.  Microsoft’s main reason for proceeding with the retirement of these versions is because they include SQL server 2012 components that will no longer be supported.

Therefore, it is highly recommended before this date Azure AD connect is upgraded to the most current version available to avoid disruptions in service.

Microsoft does support upgrades from any version of Azure AD Connect to the most current version however, it is noted that customers on extremely old versions may encounter problems not directly related to Azure AD Connect.  It is recommended that customers who have not upgraded in 12-18 mounts should consider a swing upgrade instead of an in-place upgrade of this application.

Helient Systems recommends planning and upgrading Azure AD Connect prior to the date Microsoft plans to retire 1.X versions of its software.

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