HeliX™ - Managed Desktop Delivery

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HeliX® is a one-of-a-kind managed desktop delivery service that leverages a subscription-based approach to streamline the creation and delivery of Windows desktops within the enterprise.

With the launch of Windows 10, Microsoft has introduced a modern lifecycle for their desktop Operating System (OS) characterized by major new versions released twice annually. In addition to fixing issues and addressing security vulnerabilities, these semi-annual releases introduce brand new features and functionality, resulting in a rapidly and constantly changing Windows platform. To minimize the number of supported versions of Windows and to encourage users to adopt these new versions quickly, Microsoft supports each release for a much shorter period of time, on average just two years. This is in stark contrast to prior versions of Windows which included support for up to 10 years. For businesses, this presents a major new challenge to IT operations. Each new Windows release must undergo extensive compatibility assessment, QA testing, and issues resolution by IT before it can be safely rolled out. In addition to the OS upgrade itself, the majority of software applications will also need to be upgraded to be compatible with the latest Windows release. With this major undertaking now occurring on an annual or bi-annual basis, the modern Windows desktop lifecycle represents a permanent 2-4X increase in the number of engineering hours spent on OS and application upgrade work.

This constant demand for the expertise and resources required to keep up with the modern Windows lifecycle inspired us to develop HeliX. A HeliX subscription provides a continuous stream of the expert skills, knowledge, processes, testing, and troubleshooting necessary to successfully roll out new versions of Windows quickly, efficiently, and with complete confidence in the quality of the end result. As a HeliX subscriber you tap into this wealth of knowledge and information through a secure mobile app which permits you to access all the value-added benefits of the service and to tailor the scope of your subscription as needed. You can manage all your subscription details including which desktop hardware is deployed in your fleet, which applications are active in your environment, the frequency with which you would like to receive updated Windows desktop builds, and whether or not you receive notifications and other outbound communications from the HeliX service. With the power of HeliX in your hand, you won’t need to staff up just to keep pace with Windows!