HeliX managed desktop delivery service for Windows
HeliX managed desktop delivery service for Windows
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With the power of HeliX in hand, you won’t need to staff up just to keep pace with Windows!

Manage your Windows Desktop Lifecycle with HeliX®

A Proven Process. A Revolutionary Solution

HeliX is a complete solution that delivers extraordinary value throughout every phase of your Windows Desktop lifecycle. With every turn of the HeliX wheel, and all points in between, your business will benefit from the proven process that Helient first perfected as a project-based consultancy. We have incorporated this mastery of our craft into the HeliX App and companion service, which we now offer for continuous delivery to you.

“Whenever we do major upgrades – it is important to choose a trusted and experienced business partner that will educate you on all of the enhancements and benefits. Helient Systems provided guidance on the design, implementation, and knowledge transfer for my team regarding our new Windows 10 desktop, Microsoft Office upgrade and VDI environment.”

Jeffrey McShane
Chief Information Officer
Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP

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Search and Subscribe. It’s that Simple!

At the heart of the HeliX solution is a massive collection of our customers’ most commonly used applications. Every application in the central catalog is easily accessible via the HeliX App and receives ongoing maintenance under the expert care of our US-based engineering team throughout its entire life. Simply add an App from the catalog to your subscription and unlock all these valuable features and benefits of HeliX:

  • Track vital information about each of your subscribed application assets: license codes and renewal dates, subject matter experts, server connection information, and vendor login details
  • Receive comprehensive information and alerts such as new and upcoming release notifications, vendor release notes, end of support dates, and version-specific cross compatibility details
  • Create packages using our dynamic package assembly technology to construct custom installation commands tailored to your environment
  • Access, customize, and execute comprehensive QA Testing procedures developed through close collaboration with expert trainers and application subject matter experts

Identify and Benchmark your Target Devices

Of course, your applications need to run well on each of your device types. Adding the active Windows devices to your HeliX subscription allows you to target them in a Desktop Build and enables these additional features:

  • Document your device inventories including multiple variants of each device type and their key specifications: CPU core quantity, installed memory, GPU type, and disk size and type
  • Build a historical record of benchmarking information associated with each device variant and the Windows Desktop build to gauge relative performance and identify performance anomalies
  • Associate any build or application issues with the device on which they are discovered for proper correlation and reporting across device types
  • Identify required device drivers and conditional logic for incorporation into a unified Windows OS Deployment Task Sequence

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Dynamic Dashboards Provide Complete Visibility and Control

HeliX dashboards provide a dynamic view of the most important aspects of your Subscription and your desktop environment. Depending on your role, the My HeliX dashboard presents key information to make sure you are up to date, in the know, and in complete control of your Windows desktop lifecycle.

  • Track open issues by status and priority as your next desktop is being tested and delivered by the HeliX team
  • See the latest releases of your Apps as they are published by vendors, audited and packaged by the HeliX team, and synchronized to your Microsoft Endpoint Management systems
  • Digest breaking news and information about your OS and Apps including community-reported issues, lifecycle announcements, and vendor alerts

MyHeliX Dashboard

Desktop Delivery Redefined for the Modern Lifecycle

The HeliX solution is built around the unique requirements of the business desktop refresh cycle. Whatever your desired refresh frequency, each HeliX Desktop incorporates all the unrivaled design, planning, and project management expertise for which Helient is widely recognized as an industry leader.

The HeliX Desktop Delivery Dashboard provides real-time updates and visibility into the overall status of each refresh project. Phases are dynamically tracked and can only be completed by fully satisfying the underlying requirements, such as final approval of the System Design Specifications, successful completion of QA testing, or confirmed closure of all critical issues.

HeliX desktop delivery dashboard

    Get the HeliX datasheet to learn more!

    These sample screens and service highlights represent a small fraction of the powerful features and benefits included with your subscription. HeliX is the only purpose-built desktop and application lifecycle management solution that enables you to stay supported and up to date, significantly reduce upgrade issues, and enhance your firm’s productivity throughout every desktop upgrade.

    Download our datasheet for more information about how HeliX solves the challenges introduced by the modern software lifecycle.

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