Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


Helient does great VDI. Not just VDI in a lab, not just VDI for remote access, not VDI as a POC that never sees the light of day. We’re talking across the board, all-in, get those huge expensive machines out from under people’s desks, deliver a fantastic user experience no matter where I am, let me connect from my iPad on the couch and pick up my work from exactly where I left off. The kind of VDI where users and IT staff say “don’t even think of taking this away from me!” That’s the kind of VDI we do.

As early pioneers in the design, construction and delivery of high performing VDI solutions, we know what works, what doesn’t, and what it takes to make your VDI project not just good, but great. Contact us if you are ready to see for yourself what all VDI is all about.

Data Center IT

Data Center

Backend infrastructures and user desktops are undergoing massive transformation. The traditional three tier backend of Storage-Fabric-Server is being collapsed into hyper-converged software-defined appliances deployed on-premises or collocated. DR-as-a-Service and elastic or long term Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions provide hosted alternatives for primary production or secondary sites with a growing adoption of active-active configurations. Scalable approaches to the data center deliver return on investment reducing the overall operational expenditure for IT. Whether you are exploring high availability and disaster recovery solutions, public, private or hybrid clouds for agile workloads, our infrastructure specialists can help you design, deploy, and manage data center solutions that align to business priorities, improve IT-service management and achieve maximum performance.

Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Helient’s Cloud Services Team specializes in helping clients identify opportunities to leverage the cloud through a blend of public or private infrastructure-as-a-service, software-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service solutions. Our team helps clients understand and navigate the plethora of choices available to them today such as multi-tenancy and dedicated hosting, Office365 and Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and regional infrastructure.

Whether a client is interested in migrating a specific system to the cloud such as Exchange, a set of systems such as DR-as-a-Service, or hosting their complete production computing needs, Helient has the experience to help guide clients through the complex decisions involved to migrate these environments and administer them on an on-going basis.

Managed Services IT

Managed Services

Helient provides clients a full range of managed services as part of Helient’s Total Client Care Plan. The Plan features 24×7 logging and alerting for critical systems and infrastructure using a cloud-based monitoring engine in combination with Helient proprietary Health Check Scripts. Automated ticketing and escalation tools notify on call engineers of critical issues 24×7 so that potential user-affecting issues can be addressed immediately. Warnings and trends are reviewed daily to head-off larger issues. Monthly Report Cards provide clients with an executive summary of the overall health of critical systems and identify suggested corrective actions needed to bring all systems into A+ status. Quarterly Strategic Planning sessions are included providing Client and Helient upper management the opportunity to discuss recent accomplishments and to plan forward for short term and long term initiatives.

Optional services provide clients with a full menu of add-ons to customize the Total Client Care Plan to suit their exact needs. These include:

  • Full administration of specific subsystems including Active Directory, Storage, VDI, SCCM, Exchange, SQL and Disaster Recovery.
  • Server and desktop patching
  • Helient Ransomware Countermeasure Detection Scripts
  • Semi-Annual DR Testing