Citrix Announces End of Maintenance for Versions 12.0.x of ADC (NetScaler)

by Daniel Ruiz, Senior Solutions Architect

*Customers are advised to downgrade to 11.1.x or upgrade to 12.x.

Helient recommends installing NetScaler firmware designated Maintenance Phase as opposed to Feature Phase.  Although both are supported by Citrix in production environments, Feature Phase firmware is released while Citrix is still adding new features, which could introduce new bugs.  It is important to always read the Release Notes for a list of enhancements and known issues of each build.

Citrix ADC firmware can be downloaded from

If you have any questions or need assistance updating your Citrix ADC appliances, please email and we will be happy to help.


Notice of Change (NSC)April 30, 2019
End of Maintenance (EOM)October 1, 2019
End of Life Date (EOL)October 1, 2020


EOL – The date that signifies when security related hot fixes, technical support and product downloads will no longer be available.
EOM – The date that signifies when a specific product release will have no further code-level maintenance other than security-related updates.


Software Versions AffectedReplacement/Alternatives
Release 12.0.xFor MPX/SDX, download the latest GA 11.1.x or 12.x releases of the Citrix ADC firmware.*

For VPX, downlaod the latest GA 11.1.x or 12.x releases of the Citrix ADC firmware.*

*Please check the Citrix Downloads Site for the most current firmware build.

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