Mid-Atlantic Law Firm Embraces HeliX™ For New Windows 10 Desktop Build

August 25, 2020, Philadelphia, PA – Helient Systems LLC (Helient) uses pioneering technology behind their HeliX Managed Desktop Service to perform fully automated construction and delivery of App Packages and MECM Task Sequence to a Mid-Atlantic law firm for their new Windows 10 desktop build.

According to Jamie Engelhard, Chief Technology Officer at Helient, “We set an audacious goal for HeliX during the ILTA conference last year. The vision was that a customer could quickly subscribe to their Windows programs from our extensive catalog of packages using our intuitive HeliX mobile app. Then, with the push of a button on a phone or tablet, watch as everything is assembled on premises including the customer’s latest proprietary installers, transforms, licenses, and configuration settings. Today we are excited to announce that this vision has been fully realized!”

With the alpha desktop build completed, Helient is now engaging their extensive HeliX QA processes to make sure all the applications are correctly installed and performing as expected. The result will be a new desktop image composed on an iPad, validated in the cloud, delivered on premises, and tested in record time with near zero defects. The firm will be able to confidently initiate their rollout on an aggressive schedule and without the traditional investment of time and resources by internal IT personnel and application SMEs to perform internal testing and remediation.

 “With the mechanics of assembling and running a complex Config Manager Task Sequence reduced to just a few clicks and the guided QA processes eliminating errors and omissions, we get a solid and complete build on day one.” said Chris Garcia, Desktop & Applications Architect. “We are then able to focus more time and energy on what matters most – making sure that we produce a great deliverable and the end users will be immediately productive and receptive to the new desktop.”

HeliX is a comprehensive subscription desktop lifecycle management solution from Helient Systems LLC. In addition to one-click Task Sequence creation, HeliX offers the following features that their IT customers will use throughout the life of their desktop and their subscription:

  • News, information, compatibility validation and a community-powered knowledgebase tailored to each customer’s Apps
  • Continuous and proactive maintenance and streamlined on premises delivery of updates to all subscribed App packages
  • Intensive QA and deep inspection of App functionality using both forms-based and automated testing scripts
  • End user experience management which provides continuous measurement, SLA compliance, alerting, and diagnostic data for Windows desktop and application performance down to the click

About Helient Systems

Bill Anstock - Senior Account ExecutiveHelient is a high-end consultancy specializing in legal technology and law firm computing providing innovative and future-focused technology solutions that allow customers to maximize productivity, improve responsiveness and deliver outstanding value. The professionals that comprise Helient Systems have designed, consulted and managed legal computing environments for more than 20 years across dozens of leading AmLaw 100 & 200 firms as owners and knowledge leaders. Helient was formed to bring together the top industry talent who specialize in legal technology and the latest desktop and application virtualization solutions. For more information on HeliX, contact Bill Anstock, Director of Sales at banstock@helient.com.

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