Announcing the End-of-Life Timeline For the Traditional Duo Prompt

by Michael Trantas
Senior Solutions Architect

Effective March 30, 2024 (18 months from now), the traditional Duo Prompt will no longer be available for two-factor authentication and Duo Support will stop supporting the traditional Duo Prompt experience, in favor of the Duo Universal Prompt.

Duo is deprecating the traditional prompt because it utilizes iFrame technology to display the prompt in a user’s browser window. Unfortunately, iFrame technology does not support the more modern and more secure technologies that Duo offers, such as Verified Duo Push, Risk-Based Authentication, and Passwordless authentication – all of which provide a more secure and streamlined 2FA logon experience for end-users.

Duo has made it simple for customers to determine which protected applications require back-end updating to support the Universal Prompt, using the Universal Prompt Update Progress Report. To access this report, navigate to Reports > Universal Prompt Progress in the Duo Admin portal. Additionally, as Duo adds support for the Universal Prompt to applications, you will see a new section on the details page of the protected application, indicating Duo’s progress toward the Universal Prompt.

Protected applications that currently use iFrame technology that are “not in scope” for the Universal Prompt (i.e. Cisco AnyConnect VPN, VMware Horizon) will remain available for Duo 2FA protection, and not require any back-end change. Duo plans to continue to research and develop solutions for these applications and will deploy them to the public as they become available.

Helient’s goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible for you. If you have questions or would like assistance with this process, please e-mail