Helient & eSentire Del Frisco’s Lunch & Learn

Date(s) - 03/21/2018
11:30 am EDT - 1:30 pm EDT

Del Frisco's - Vault Room 2


Interactive Lunch & Learn:
Join Helient & eSentire at Del Frisco’s For a Lunch & Learn
Date:  Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Location: Del Frisco’s – Vault Room 2, Philadelphia PA
Time:  11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. EST

Law firms have fast become a target of choice when it comes to cybercrime. Join industry experts Will Fulmer, COO of Helient and Mark Sangster, VP Strategic Marketing at eSentire on March 21st for an interactive panel discussing cybersecurity on the legal industry: “It’s Your Reputation. Reducing Vendor Risk Associated with Legal Technology”
Session description:
The 2017 M.E. Docs cyber-attack that crippled hundreds of companies, including prominent law firms, crafted the blueprints for hijacking a vendor to attack clients through their supply chain. While inadvertent, this attack heralds a new generation of supply-chain based attacks that will pit vendor and client against each other as they struggle to navigate co-managed risk mitigation. What’s worse is that, in 2018, a key vendor used by a multitude of managed security service firms was compromised and spread a serious exploit across their client ecosystem.
Session highlights will include:
  • Explore recent supply-chain cyber attacks
  • Provide a framework for assessing your vendors’ cyber resilience in the legal industry.
  • Discuss building a trusted supply-chain through co-managed cybersecurity programs.
Presenter Info:
Will Fulmer, Chief Operating Officer – Helient Systems LLC
Will is a COO with over 15 years of industry experience. His designs establish the technical infrastructure and implementation standards, including heavy concentrations on virtualization, hyper-converged storage, cloud-based solutions and business continuity. Will continues to deliver solutions with an innovative view of revitalizing the highly available datacenter while recognizing operational performance and delivering simpler manageability. Recent projects include NetApp and Nutanix storage platforms, utilizing VMware and Citrix infrastructures to support Site Recovery Manager, Exchange 2016 and fully redundant Virtual Desktop Infrastructures.
Mark Sangster, VP Strategic Marketing, eSentire

As a member of the LegalSec Council with the International Legal Technology Association (ILTA), Mark is a cybersecurity evangelist who has spent significant time researching and speaking to peripheral factors influencing the way that legal firms integrate cybersecurity into their day-to-day operations. In addition to his passion for cybersecurity, Mark’s 20-year sales and marketing career was established with industry giants like Intel Corporation, BlackBerry and Cisco Systems. Mark’s experience unites a strong technical aptitude, and an intuitive understanding of regulatory agencies. During his time at BlackBerry, Mark worked on the first secure devices for government agencies and has continued to build mutually beneficial relationships with regulatory agencies in key sectors ever since.
Any problems with registration for this lunch and learn, please do not hesitate to contact kboll@helient.com.  Thank you.